Halloween Face Paint Ideas

When it comes to Halloween face paint ideas, it can be challenging to come up with something unique, something that will leave onlookers impressed with your originality. A bit of outside-the-box thinking can inspire new ideas and can breathe life into tried-and-true Halloween face paint ideas as well.

Instead of Halloween face paint ideas that center around disguising yourself as someone else or some other creature, consider makeup that illustrates the comical, gruesome and sometimes-painful things that can happen to faces. For an office Halloween party, how about a black eye with some “graffiti” painted on the cheek that reads, “Don’t ever steal my lunch again!” A bit too dramatic for your workplace? Then apply a heavy does of make-up, smear it, and let the caption read: Never fall asleep at work.

An encounter with a bee hive, illustrated with welts and a few errant dead bees, will make onlookers wince and laugh at the same time. A face full of scratches is effective, when topped with a stuffed-animal cat for a hat. Even blemishes become comical when combined with false braces, ridiculous eye glasses and an outdated hairstyle. A single tire tread painted across the face tells its own story.

For more traditional Halloween face paint ideas, try taking a twist on old standards. Instead of the typical clown or zombie makeup, combine them for an undead clown look. Zombie superheroes and cartoon characters work well, too. Adding stitches to favorite characters are another idea, crafted to make it appear as if you are a stuffed-toy version of the character.

Don’t hesitate to combine any of these Halloween face paint ideas, too. Snooki zombie, tire-tread Lindsay, zombie Gaga, cat-scratched Paris and bee-stung Taylor(s) – a little imagination can make sure your face paint is the life of any party.

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